The Wizards Cabal

A tremendous gust of wind blows down from the trees and sweeps through wild flower meadow ...

Harold Hates Rats

Harold’s fathers raised chickens and made a comfortable living selling eggs in the market.  One thing Harold learned at an early age was that were there are chickens, there are bound to be rats.  Rats love eggs and feathers and scraps that the chickens leave behind. From an early age Harold was taught to hunt […]

Wrap up 1/19/18: Fire Swamp: Act 1, Scene 1, Take 2

Fire Swamp: Act 1, Scene 1, Take 2 Wrap up of the journey to Bahl’s Tower – January 19th, 2018 Cockatrice Pair Everyone 200 xp Using Lore & Using know enemy. Evading the nesting pair. Fenn intercedes when Bernardo was prepared to attack. Kingsley 50 xp Fenn 200 xp Lightning Sand Everyone 100 xp Bravery, […]

The Congress at New Torlynn

The Feast:  Xigmad has invited the heroes of Torlynn to a feast to mark the grand opening of The Elm Tree Inn. He’s butchered six goats and openeda cask of ale that he set to brew when he first came to New Torlynn.  The food is hearty. The company is good.  Orm and Erik arrive […]

Wrap Up 1/12/18: Torlynn Redux

Keomi Keomi at the Monastery. 1200 xp Suspense of the Spider – Hang upside down and wait for your prey. Water Spider – Walk across the water with quickness and balance. Iron Body – Take blows, break bricks (recover from critical head injury), shatter stone Dance of the Spider – Collaborative dance on pilings. Iron […]

Preparation Notes: PT2FT – Act 2 – 1/19/18

Act 2: The Fire Swamp Torlynn Congress.  30 minutes – Start 7:30 PM Feast Battle of the Bards Presentation of the Quest The Retched Swamp – 2 hr – Start 8:00 PM Travel down the Crystal River The Cockatrice The 3 terrors of the Retched Swamp Flame Spurts Lightning Sand R.O.U.S – Frankly I don’t […]

Téa and the Pond

  The Pool The party comes upon a small pool in an open patch of land.  On the edge of the pool 12′ tall carving of a gianthead comes out of the ground.  Out of the mouth of the Giant Head a continuous waterfall runs falls 5′ into the pool keeping the waters active. The […]